Local San Antonio Label Head Convicted of Killing Roommate/Business Partner

(AllHipHop News) Aspiring music mogul Anthony Johnson claimed the he killed his roommate and So Fly Entertainment business partner with a close range shot from a AK-47 in self-defense. After 6 and half hours of deliberations a San Antonio jury decided they weren't buying Johnson's claim and convicted the 23-year-old of murder.

Johnson was accused of shooting music producer Romuald Rodrique Ngande (aka Romey Rome Beatz) on November 15, 2011. The day before Ngande's death the two argued on Facebook from separate rooms in the same apartment.

The defense claimed that the fight continued the next morning when Ngande threatened Johnson and then broke into his locked room.

Johnson testified that he thought Ngande was holding a knife at the time. Believing his life was in danger, the defendant said he shot his roommate to protect himself.

It was later discovered that the only thing Ngande had in his possession was a cigarette lighter, and there was no physical evidence that proved that Ngande entered Johnson's room.

The prosecution in the case also countered Johnson's argument of self-defense saying even though Ngande did provoke and insult the defendant after Johnson refused to give the victim a ride to work, Ngande's actions did not justify using lethal force against him.

Prosecutors also provided evidence that showed that after the shooting Johnson updated his Facebook status to read, "One shot kill. Call me John Wayne."

The defendant also apparently wrote letters bragging about the shooting and even mentioned that his jail time was making him a better lyricist. He also ignored officer's questions during his police interview, and refused to hang up his cell phone after repeatedly being asked to do so while at the station.

Johnson's attorney, Michael Hoyle, argued that the excessive bravado was just a fake persona that the defendant started to get confused with real life.

“We're talking about a bunch of guys who think they're Hip-Hop stars in San Antonio. They're not living the dream. They're living in a dream,” Hoyle told the court. “They started to believe in their own image ... when in fact it wasn't [real].”

According to the prosecution what was real was Johnson's anger about his own failings, and Ngande was just the target of his rage.

“[Johnson] spent all his money. He lost his job and [believed] that was Rome's fault, too,” said prosecutor Wendi Wilson-Ortiz. “He was mad at the world and he took it out on Rome.”

The state district judge in the case ordered the jury to return today to begin the punishment phase of the trial. Johnson now faces up to life in prison.

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Check out a photo of Johnson's rap lyrics that was presented as prosecution evidence during the trial.


Photo by John Davenport, San Antonion Express-News

source: MySanAntonio