Logic Has No Idea How He Survived His “Hellish Youth”

AllHipHop Staff

In a new interview, rapper logic says he's lucky to even be alive after a rough upbringing.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Logic has no idea how he survived the drug addiction, poverty and sexual abuse that was all around him growing up, insisting God and common sense helped him find a way out.

The star, real name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, watched his mother battle a pill addiction and alcoholism, while his father was hooked on crack, when he was a kid in Maryland, and he is grateful he didn't follow their example.

"Growing up on welfare and food stamps and in Section 8 households, there was domestic violence, murders, drug dealers in my house... crazy things that I witnessed," he tells Access Hollywood Live.

"I think in many ways it kinda ingrained in my brain, 'Y'know, this is what not to do!' And as I grew older I really tried my best to cope and deal with it all and put it in my music.

"Maybe it was a little bit of God and common sense, but I really don't know (how I survived)."

The rap star insists the equality message he believes he was put on earth to deliver, and which he served up during a powerful, show-stopping performance at the recent MTV Video Music Awards, has been driving him for years.

"My message is peace, love and positivity and equality for every man, woman and child, regardless of race, religion, color, creed or sexual orientation...," he adds. "I know what I'm here to represent."

And speaking about his big night at the MTV VMAs, Logic admits the only thing going through his mind as he offered up a message of equality while backed by a large group of suicide survivors was "Don't mess this up!"

"If I forget words on my own performance... who cares, but this is so much bigger than myself... I just wanted to do my best. I think it was all right."

Logic insists he has never contemplated suicide, but he has friends who have struggled with life.