LOL! Nelly Has Some Questions For Al Sharpton


by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Someone please come get the Reverend!

Rev. Al Sharpton has been acting up with his selfie game on Instagram lately. Well indirectly. Apparently Al has been snapping, what he believes to be, some nice pics and they are getting “leaked” and are spreading like wild fire on social media.

It looks like a typical hilarious social media post from an older person. The angles are all wrong and he appears to be doing the absolute most. But we love it because it’s like your grandfather or uncle on the ‘gram.

As if one photo wasn’t enough, at least two others have surfaced along with a video that shows Sharpton almost attempting to do a one-handed push up.

Well rapper Nelly is all of us as he had some questions about the selfies that need answers immediately!

“Who in the hell is he sending these pictures to Cicely Tyson …!! Im the first one to say let a homie live but Ngga …. I need answers.”
“I say we boycott IG until we find out who in the hell is leaking these AL Sharpton pictures..!!! #WHOSWITHME….????” posted Nelly.

The photos are hilarious. Btw Al Sharpton said if we have a president who tweets all night, he can get up at 5 AM and show the world that he’s exercising. LOL. Come get AL!

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LOL!!! I seen it All!!