London Bomb Scare Suspects Arrested, UK Hip-Hop Community Reacts

On the morning of

July 7th 2005, over 700 London commuters were injured and at least 56 were killed

when terrorists set off bombs in three subway trains and on a bus.

Two weeks later, Londoners were struck again by four more attempted

bombings and just today (July 27), four men were apprehended for their alleged

role in the failed bombing attempt.

Though few were injured in the second attack, the attempt left

bus stations closed and many wondering what to expect next.

According to many involved in the Hip-Hop scene in the UK, the

bombings shouldn't stop people from going about their daily grind.

"Artists, especially in the urban community, need to set

an example that we absolutely won't let these threats, bomb incidents and paranoia

get the best of us," Fiona Bloom, Director of International Marketing for

TVT Records told

Upcoming R&B singer/rapper and Harlem, New York native Maya Azucena was on tour in the UK when the bombings occured.

Azucena has seen Londoners resiliency first-hand.

“I was really impressed with the resilience of the Londoners

the whole time,” Azucena said. “I mean think about eight confirmed

bombs being planted strategically around busy sections of London, within one

month! Half of which detonated and killed people! Instead, I saw mad people

doing their thing - drinking in pubs, going to work. My show was packed, so

not everyone stayed home scared.”

The bombings in London took place nearly four years since the

World Trade Center disaster in New York and a little over a year since the train

bombing in Spain, which killed 192 people and injured over 1200.

"I feel sorry for the victims and their families,"

BBC DJ Semtex stated. "In this day and age there should be no pain or suffering


Many travelers have cancelled flights and out of country excursions

in fear of terrorists.

Conversely, one man who isn't going to let fear get to him is

Fat Man Scoop. Scoop is well known in the UK for his #1 hit "Love Like

This" featuring Faith Evans and told that won't stop.

"I will not stop traveling,” Scoop said. “I

believe when God wants us to leave this planet, we will go. All I do is pray

and leave it in God's hands," states Scoop. "By us stopping doing

what we do, they shut us down! F**k them!"

UK rapper Sway agrees. "Those people who have problems

should sort it out with each other and stop involving innocent people by blowing

up the average commuter," Sway told

The bombings in London are the worst attack in Britain since

World War II. And though international terrorism remains, and will remain, a

constant threat to civilized societies, keeping a positive outlook and moving

forward with our lives seems to be a main theme in maintaining through these


"We get on

with our lives and don't let these events stop us living life to the fullest,"

UK Radio DJ Dan Greenpeace explained. "The terrorists will not succeed

in their cause because killing innocent people of all races and religions is