Loon Reveals An Alcoholic Started The Harlem Shake

Although, the dance has faded considerably, Bad Boy Records artist Loon has revealed the true origins of the “Harlem Shake,” the once-popular dance that swept the country.

“The Harlem Shake – that was a dance made up by this alcoholic dude by the name of Sisqo (not of Dru Hill),” he told AllHipHop.com laughing.

The dance was [originally] called the “albee” and this dude would do the “albee” for a dollar or 50 cent,” he continued. “For a shot of any [liquor], a bottle of Corona, any type of beverage, mere coins, he would perform the albee for you.”

“For a dollar or 50 cent, you could learn that dance. That was a whole dance lesson that just happened to leak in the music industry that’s coming from Harlem.”

Loon also offered some parting words to the ingenious alcoholic, “Sisqo, put the bottle down and stop playing yourself.”

An uptown native, Loon said he has prided himself on his roots and hoped to represent it on his town to the fullest.

“Harlem always takes it to the next level. Harlem is something that will never fail you. A dude from Harlem can go to a correctional facility in a different area with a bunch of rednecks that want to hang him and he can represent himself and stand for something,” he explained.

Loon’s self-titled album is expected to drop in August.