Loon Talks Kay Slay And Album Sales

Once Loon stepped in for Nas on Kay Slay’s “Too Much For Me,” after the Queensbridge lyricist refused to appear in the video, it would seem that the pair would be allies. Slay, however, appears to change his mind and the self-proclaimed “Drama King” recently chastised the Bad Boy rapper on his Hot 97radio show. Loon acknowledged he and Slay had words, but explained the riff between the two Harlem natives wasn’t as serious as it appeared. He admitted that DJ’s decision to speak publicly over the airwaves lead to all the speculation. “I think that Kay Slay has a knack for establishing his motions and flipping it the wrong way. It’s just unfortunate that it landed on the radio,” Loon told AllHipHop.com. “We all know that Slay has a very unique way of speaking his mind, and the radio should never be a playground for that.”According to Loon, once he and Slay were able to speak off air, the conversations turned constructive. Though the rapper didn’t reveal what caused the most recent disagreement, he felt Slay should have handled the matter differently. He added that people who know him in the streets also knew better and that they dismissed Kay Slay’s contentions. While Loon’s fan base is predominately female, the rapper stated that he has had plenty of street experience. After penning both parts of “I Need A Girl,” for P.Diddy, he raised eyebrows with his brash comments in magazine profiles, as well as on cuts from his self-titled debut. But Loon stated he doesn’t really need to speak on his past transgressions. “My street credibility speaks for itself and it speaks in the streets,” he said. “But when I'm in other environments, that's irrelevant.”The rapper added that everyone couldn’t rap about guns and think they will become successful. In addition, Loon said he has his family to think about. “I’m not going to embarrass my family,” he said. “Cause my family still gotta walk the streets. My family still has to live their lives. And I would hate for them to have to add any pressure to their lives, because I’m out here beefing with DJs and beefing with rappers.”Just as Loon remains upbeat about his spat with Kay Slay or defending his street cred, he is equally upbeat about his future. In spite of making high-profile guest appearances alongside P.Diddy, Loon’s debut album didn’t move many units. But the rapper doesn’t blame Bad Boy for a lack of promotion. “I’m not really complaining,” he said. “I’m here to win. Sometimes it takes certain situations to help you grow. And to help you understand this business more. I’m not complaining about promotion. I’m still on Bad Boy. I love my company; I love everybody at Bad Boy. I’m here to stay, man. And I think that my situation has granted me longevity. Cause a lot of guys that come fast and blow, they leave the same way.”Loon is currently working on his sophomore album. So far, he has recorded songs with Jamie Foxx, Omarion (formerly of B2K), and Lil Vicious. The untitled album is due out on Bad Boy Records in August.