Lord Finesse Not A Fan Of Current Hip-Hop

Revered lyricist Lord Finesse – who discovered

Big L – is not impressed with much of the talent in hip-hop these days and

refuses to look to radio for any inspiration.

“So many ni**as is wack. If this is the

best that the game got, I don’t need to be rhyming, because it’s not

a challenge. There’s few cats that make you step your game up,” The

Bronx native told AllHipHop.com. “Sure there’s a Nas, a Jay, a Luda,

or a Jadakiss that makes me wanna step it up, but not many.”

After a scheduled Kool G Rap concert, Ness made

an impromptu performance at SOBs club in New York that had the hip-hop crowd

clamoring for more.

Ness said the mainstreaming of rap is now running


“There’s so much commercial bullsh*t

out there, it doesn’t stimulate my mind. When I came up you had Kool G

Rap, and Rakim, and KRS-One, and Public Enemy, Scarface, N.W.A., and the standards

was bananas. You couldn’t be wack! Now? Come on, man,” he shouted.

To reacquaint fans with his past, Finesse is

dropping documentary DVD and a new remix to his album, Return of the Funky

Man, 15 years after its initial release.

“I think people are asking for it. I get

a lot where people’ll hear that album and say, ‘Man, that sh*t could

rock now,’” he said. “It’s 15 years later. I want to educate

cats who ain’t up on me. So when I do something new, they know what to

expect. ‘Cuz a lot of cats don’t know who Lord Finesse is. So with

a DVD coming out, I gotta let cats know.”