Ludacris Adds To Film Resume With 'Heart Of The Game'

Ludacris has been

tapped to narrate an upcoming documentary titled Heart of the Game, which

features Joyce Walker (Paid in Full), Devon Crosby Helms, Maude Lepley,

Darnellia Russell and others.

Due in June, the

film tells the true story of the Seattle high school girls' basketball team,

the Roosevelt Roughriders, and one player's battle with trying to regain eligibility

to play.

Ludacris will also

appear in episodes of the NBC drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

in May.

At this year's

Academy Awards, two films that Ludacris co-starred in, Crash and Hustle

& Flow, walked away with Oscars on Sunday (March 5).

"My stock

has definitely gone up," Ludacris told "People can

get used to seeing me on the big screen more in the future [as I] continue to

choose projects that I feel will change people's lives."

The Atlanta rapper

also applauded Three 6 Mafia for performing and winning Best Song for "It's

Hard Out Here For A Pimp," a tune the group wrote and produced for Hustle

& Flow.

The trio was the

first rap group to perform at the awards.

"I witnessed

history and Juice [Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J.] and [DJ] Paul performed and won

that award. I couldn't have been more proud as it was a historical moment for

not only southern hip hop, but for hip hop as a whole. I feel like the Oscar's

will never be the same."

In related news,

Ludacris will release his sixth studio album titled Release Therapy this