Ludacris And DTP Get Ready To Drop New Album


and his DTP (Disturbing The Peace) crew are stated to drop their first full

album, The Golden Grain. The group said the title is a metaphor for a

particularly strong brand of alcohol.

The group, consists of members Ludacris, Lil'

Fate, Tittyboy (formerly Tittybaby), J.C. and Shaunda, the female seen on "What's

Your Fantasy."

Group member Lil' Fate said the group is ready

to explode on the scene after being on both of Ludacris' multi-platinum albums.

"We've been on both albums and we've been

with Ludacris everywhere he's been, so people have already been getting a DTP

vibe from the get-go. They just didn't know the faces with the voices. Now we're

just showing our personalities along with his and showing how it's going to

be a monster," Lil' Fate told

The group's first single ", Growing Pains,"

will reflect on the group's childhood and early days. Scarface, rap vet and

head of Def Jam South, will appear on the song.

Ludacris told, "This is for

people who grew up in the 80's playing Super Mario and Nintendo riding Big Wheels

getting shags and tails in they head. It's time for a song like that because

nobody's really represented that era right there and we think its perfect timing

with that record."

The groups shot the video for "Growing Pains"

late last month in California.