Ludacris Blasts Pepsi And O’Reilly

In the past, Def Jam’s Ludacris hasn’t said much regarding Bill O'Reilly’s aggressive push to get the rapper removed from the from a Pepsi ad campaign last year. That silence has changed with his latest album, Chicken & Beer. O'Reilly's rants prompted executives to dump Ludacris, but the rapper might have the last laugh.

On a song called “Blow It Out,” Luda says, “Shoutout to Bill O’Reilly. I’ma throw you a curve. You mad ‘cause I’m a thief and got a way with words. I’ma start my own beverage, it will calm ya nerves…Pepsi: The Choice of a new Generation – Blow it out ya a**”

In past interviews, Luda has expressed his views on both O’Reilly and the soft drink company.

"Pepsi, they don't value the black dollar. I wouldn't change a thing, it was a learning experience," he said to "I definitely feel it was bigger than myself. They are attacking hip-hop, the culture, everything. Bill O'Reilly [is a] racist hypocrite. If you look at the end of the fiscal year, for Pepsi - they went down."

After a proposed boycott, Russell Simmons and his HHSAN managed to wretch 3 million from Pepsi for various grassroots organizations in urban areas.