Ludacris Concert Scrapped After Students Riot

Northeastern University has canceled their spring

concert featuring Ludacris, after students of the University participated in

a Superbowl riot that left one man dead when a drunk driver drove his SUV through

the crowd.

Northeastern's President Richard M. Freeland

said that holding the concert was inappropriate after thousands of students

took to the streets to celebrate the New England Patriots victory over the Carolina


"It became increasingly clear to me that

the message that we're going on with business as usual and having a big celebration,

when the world is looking at us through the prism of what happened after the

Super Bowl, is the wrong thing to do," Freeland told the Boston Globe shortly

after announcing the cancellation to students.

The April 2 show was to be part of Springfest.

Students said that the concert would have been the biggest event at the University

in years and voted to triple their yearly activities fees to afford a top name


"It's a couple of knuckleheads who did it,

not the majority of the students," said Ed Klotzbier, vice president for

student affairs.

Freeland said that even though the number of

troublemakers was only 15 students, others simply stood by as property was destroyed

and cars were flipped.

"I would've liked to see more students in

that crowd trying to put a stop to what was going on, or walking away in disapproval,"

Freeland added.

Students have already started protesting the


"This was going to be the biggest thing

to happen to student life and student activities - ever," Student Government

President Michael Romano said.