Ludacris Devotes Four Days To Raise Money For NonProfit Ludacris Foundation


Ludacris took a break from recording his newest album Release Therapy and

attended a weekend of charitable events in Los Angeles and Miami to raise funds

for his nonprofit charity organization, The Ludacris Foundation.Ludacris

raised over $25,000 during a four-day weekend that saw the rapper take home an

award during GM's Auto Fashion Show, which was hosted by the Miami Heat's Shaquille


Atlanta native's 1967 Green Chevy Bel-Air earned the prize for Best Exterior in

the competition, which was judged by tennis star Serena Williams and actor/rapper

Nick Cannon.Magazine

Vanity Fair hosted a private photoshoot in a Pasadena, California mansion

featuring Ludacris, Kathrine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) and Troy Garrity (Barbershop).


four-page spread, themed "Fun and Fabulous Hollywood," was sponsored

by Moet-Chandon and will be featured in the December issue of Vanity Fair.

Ludacris' The Ludacris Foundation received a sizable contribution for the

rapper's participation in the photoshoot."Man,

I'm so busy with my recording and trying to finish this album that I haven't had

time to pay attention to alot of other stuff," Ludacris told

in a statement. "This weekend just came together with all of these great

opportunities for the foundation that I had to take a break and hit the town."While

on the Miami leg of the weekend, the rapper participated Alonzo Mourning's 10th

Annual Tyson Foods Zo's Summer Groove, where he gave a special performance at

the American Airlines Arena that benefited his nonprofit, which was established

in 2001.With

the weekend over, the rapper said he planned to return to the studio to finish

work on Release Therapy."I've

been focused for the past few months on just getting everything done and this

turned out to be a nice break with a good purpose," Ludacris continued. "Now

it's back to the studio and work!"Release

Therapy is slated to hit stores September 26.