Ludacris Lyrics Continue To Stir Controversy

Ludacris' lyrics have landed him in hot water

again, this time at a summer fair in Michigan.

The rapper was scheduled to perform August 7,

at the Jackson County Fair, but public criticism and complaints from some of

the fairs board members led them to can the rapper, saying that his lyrics were

not suitable for the family oriented event.

"I just don't want the rotten language,"

Fair Board member Clifford Herl told the Jackson Citizen Patriot. "It's

a community thing for children."

Opponents of Ludacris performing at the fair

wrote in to the paper on June 8, expressing shock and dismay that the "dirty

rapper" would even be considered for such an event.

"The fair is now promoting a person who

disrespects women," David Krajewski wrote to the editor of the paper. "I

will not be attending. I can't afford to support an organization that has such

little regard for our daughters, wives, mothers and fellow female citizens."

Fair Manger Sally Griffis, who was also the subject

of much scrutiny, would not say how much of a deposit Jackson County lost.

"It was a mutual cancellation. That's all

I can say," Griffis said.