Ludacris Opens New "Chicken + Beer" Restaurant Inside Of The Busiest Airport On Earth


(AllHipHop News) Ludacris opened his new chicken-n-waffles business and he gave followers a quick tour of the restaurant in a short video clip.

"It took me three years, but it's finally coming to fruition," he said in the footage. "Anything that's worth waiting for is worth having. And we are finally here. Chicken + Beer.

"I've seen it come from my third album, triple platinum album, all the way to a restaurant. Concourse D, D-5," Luda said reffering to the restaurants location in the busiest airport in the world, Hartsfield.

"I'm talking about great food, great drinks, great energy, and my employees are the best employees in the world," Ludacris said.

Chicken + Beer welcomed its first customers yesterday (November 17), and Ludacris was on site to greet hungry fans.

"Our first two guest (sic) at the opening!" he captioned a photo of two guys at the eatery, before joking, "And ironically one looks like he could be my damn cousin. Lol."

In the lead up to Thursday's big launch, Ludacris also shared pictures of the menu, which features traditional Southern favorites like shrimp and grits, Luda's chicken and pecan waffles, battered catfish, sweet potato mash, and Southern fried apple pie.