Ludacris Talks About Field Mob Signing With Disturbin Tha Peace

Albany, Georgia Hip-Hop

duo Field Mob has inked a deal with Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace label to release

their third album Light Poles and Pine Trees.

“As Disturbing Tha Peace continues to grow, we are proud to have them as

an addition to our brand,” Ludacris told “We [Disturbing

Tha Peace] are here to broaden their appeal as being two of the leading lyricists

from the south. I expect just as much from them as they do from us.”

Group members Shawn Jay and Smoke explained the meaning behind the album’s


"The name of the album is Light Poles and Pine Trees

because there ain't no skyline where we're from," Shawn Jay said.

"There's no arch like in St. Louis or palm trees like California,"

continued Smoke aka Chevy Pendagrass. "You look up and that's what you

see in Albany."

The release of the unofficial single in "Georgia" features Ludacris

and a sampled hook from Ray Charles’ “Georgia on My Mind,”

which is also the official song of the state of Georgia.

The first official single will be "Friday Night," which also features

Ludacris and is produced by Kenjo.

The album will feature collaborations with Ludacris, Ciara, Bone Crusher, Bobby

Valentino, and others.

"I feel like we're the most posturpedic group in the industry right now,"

says Shawn Jay. "Meaning, we're the most slept-on artists. Other artists

know that if them boys get a little bit of light, its over."

Light Poles

and Pine Trees is slated to drop in November on Disturbing Tha Peace/Geffen