Luke Attempts To Lock Down Miami Beach

Luther Campbell

and a group of local Miami, Florida promoters have formed a promotions company

to help provide events and keep order during Memorial Day in Miami Beach. Luke's

Progressive Righteous Organized Inc. applied for a special events permit from

Miami three weeks ago.

According to published reports, Campbell has

come up with a plan to control the crowds during the holiday and the city is

generally receptive to his proposal, which calls for several events during the

four day weekend, including a charity golf event, an arts festival, a celebrity

basketball game and a two day time concerts on Miami Beach. Campbell says that

these events alone will draw an estimated 30,000 people with top talent. Campbell

and beach officials are still negotiating security measures. Last years holiday

saw a record number of people attend, which city officials have admitted, caught

them off guard.

Campbell is also asking for use of the Miami

Beach Convention Center at night, as a gathering point for people who have been

turned away from Miami's trendy night clubs, which also was a major problem

last year.