'Luke Cage' Creator Cheo Coker Talks Season 2's "Big Bad" And Hip Hop Theme

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The MCU series is expanding outside of Uptown.

(AllHipHop News) The second season of Marvel's Luke Cage premieres on Netflix on June 22. AllHipHop's Chuck Creekmur caught up with series creator Cheo Hodari Coker, and he spoke about the main villain for the new batch of episodes.

"The Big Bad for this season, or supposedly the character that really upsets the apple cart, is Bushmaster," revealed Coker. "If you collect the comics, he's a member of the Maggia [mafia]. He's mysterious and he comes from a Caribbean island. So for the show, we take elements that we like from the comics and then we remix it for the show."

The journalist-turned-TV writer continued, "Because of the fact he's from the Caribbean, that says, finally, we can introduce Jamaica. When you introduce Jamaica, you're introducing Brooklyn. We were able to introduce new worlds to our New York."

Luke Cage was mostly set in the NYC neighborhood of Harlem. Hip Hop - which was birthed in the Big Apple - plays an important role in the tone of the program.

"For me, it's like if season one was about the 'Wu-Tangification' of the Marvel Universe, season two is about 'let's talk about the roots of Hip Hop,'" added Coker. "Hip Hop is rooted in the Blues, in Funk, in Jazz tradition. But also, there's a very important, and sometimes not really talked about, Jamaican tradition that is at the cornerstone of Hip Hop."

Each episode of Season 1 was named after a Gang Starr song. The titles for Season 2's shows are taken from Pete Rock & CL Smooth records. Additionally, Hip Hop composers Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad crafted the score.

“Luke Cage is a Hip Hop head. But, as you know, being part of Hip Hop culture doesn’t mean you just listen to Hip Hop music,” Younge expressed to AllHipHop in 2016. “You also listen and understand the source material that created Hip Hop like the breaks, Jazz, and Funk – all the stuff that helped spawn the notion of Hip Hop.”

The multi-instrumentalist added, “So the music that we make encapsulates all of that – Hip Hop, the source material, and a combination of these genres – in order to make something new for Luke Cage. It’s basically all of that.”