Luke Campbell Blasts Article Associating Him With Son Luther Campebell's Arrest

Luke reveals he hasn't talked to his son since he was a teenager.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Luther Campbell is not happy with local media reports associating him with the arrest of his son, who shares his first and last name.

Luther Roderick Campell, 25, was arrested in the Miami Beach area in a stolen car, which also happened to have some drugs hidden in it.

It is the second time Campell has been busted in a stolen car since 2014, and he's also facing some other charges in a separate case for burglary, assault and witness tampering.

The elder Luke blasted WSVN and labeled their article as a "sad case of reporting" and revealed he hadn't spoken to his young son since he was 15-years-old.

@wsvn what a sad case of reporting you find a very disturbed son of mine who I haven't saw are spoken to in 10 years use him as a pawn in the game to attack me. How many other kids do you report driving with a suspended license and you throw their dad's name in it?"