Luke Campbell Launching Reality Show

Luther Campbell may be many things to rap fans, but "family man" may not be the first description that comes to mind for the man known as the "Black Hugh Hefner."

That may change as Campbell becomes reality television’s latest star with his new show, Luke’s World.

Luke's World offers a glimpse in to the rapper's life as he juggles his professional responsibilities with those of his family.

Viewers will see Campbell interact with his fiancé, who reminds the mogul/activist that his life revolves around more than running his National Youth Football League and his 16-year-old daughter, who is dealing with the pressure of being "Luke’s little girl."

Throughout Luke's World, viewers will witness Campbell playing golf at the 18-hole "East" golf course at the Country Club of Miami as well as wearing various hats, from auditioning girls for his next DVD to attending parent-teacher conferences for his son to having heart-to-heart talks with his daughter.

The show will also feature Campbell trying to steer his 13-year-old son away from the influence of his public persona.

As a rapper, the Miami-based entertainer became a pioneer with The 2 Live Crew, ushering in an era of sex in rap music, with his explicit lyrics and stage shows.

Campbell would later defend his First Amendment rights in front of the US Supreme Court in a landmark freedom of speech case he ultimately won in 1994.

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