Luke, Celebrity Rappers Double As Coaches During Youth Football Tournament

Luther "Uncle

Luke" Campbell continues to support local Miami youth via the National Youth

Football League (NYFL), which the 2 Live Crew founder created to help guide troubled

youths across the United States. Campbell

will present the 2nd Annual Battle of the Stars Football Tournament in Miami from

Jan. 25-28 at Curtis Park Football Stadium in Miami, Florida. Like

last year's inaugural event, the 2nd Annual Battle of the Stars Football Tournament

will featured teams coached by various celebrity rappers and athletes, including

newcomers T.I., Rick Ross, Warren Sapp, Chad Johnson and Edgerrin James. Coaches

like Trick Daddy and Campbell himself will return to coach during the tournament

for a second year. The

NYFL has partnered with The Orange Bowl Committee to help improve computers, playing

fields and facilities of participating members schools. A

portion of the proceeds of the NYFL's Battle of the Stars will go to the NYFL,

which disburse the funds to various school programs.