Luke Challenges Diddy, Nelly, T.I. - On The Football Field

Hip-Hop legend Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell is organizing the Third Annual Battle of the Stars Celebrity Football Tournament, which will be held next year in his hometown of Miami, Florida.

Campbell, who will coach a team from his National Youth Football League, organizes the yearly competition between youth leagues from across the country to "put up or shut up" in a game of football.

Teams from Virginia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Baltimore and all across Florida have signed on to play in the tournament, which will feature the most athletic and explosive players in the United States being coached by various celebrities.

"I would like to see all these rappers and entertainers who claim to be football coaches, who claim to run football leagues either put up or shut up," Campbell told "This is a week long tournament, rather than just a game. It is a true tournament of champions."

Twenty teams from across the country will participate in this year's tournament, which will take place in Miami, the week before Super Bowl XLII.

Last year, celebrities like T.I., Rick Ross, Warren Sapp, Chad Johnson and Edgerrin James coached teams during games at Curtis Park Football Stadium in Miami, Florida.

"Don't be scared Nelly, Jermaine, Diddy, and Snoop," Campbell jokingly said. "It's all in fun and it gives these entertainers a chance to do something for kids in their 'hood who might not ever have a chance to travel out of state and visit Miami. It will give artists a chance to put a smile on a child's face and give back to their community."

Celebrities participating in this years tournament include T.I., Chad Johnson, Trick Daddy, Edgerrin James, Bryan McKinney, William Joseph, Antonio Bryant and Hip-Hop Soda Shop owner/football legend Warren Sapp.

For the first time in the tournament's history, Campbell will also introduce a cheerleading competition with a Hip-Hop twist.

"We know that there are a lot of female entertainers who want to support the girls from where they grew up," Campbell told "A lot of these entertainers were cheerleaders on their local park, so we want them to come out and show their support by sponsoring their 'hoods cheer programs. I can see it now, Eve's cheer group from Philly going up against Da Brat's cheer group from Chicago."

Campbell's National Youth Football League is based in Florida and provides funding to participating members to improve fields, facilities, computers and sports equipment.

The Orange Bowl Committee donated over $100,000 in funding for the league in its opening year.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit The National Youth Football League and other youth football league organizations.

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