Luke Distances Himself From 50 Cent Lawsuit

Rapper/mogul Luther

Campbell has come forward to comment on a recent copyright infringement lawsuit

filed against 50 Cent, over his hit single "In Da Club," taken from

50 Cent's hit album Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

Attorney Joseph Weinberger,

owner of Lil' Joe Records, recently filed the lawsuit in Miami federal court.

Weinberger owns the rights to recordings by 2 Live Crew and Campbell.

Campbell was quick

to distance himself from the lawsuit, which claims 50 Cent stole lines from Campbell's

1994 song "It's Your Birthday," from the Miami pioneer's solo album,

Still a Freak for Life.

"Let the record reflect

that Joe Weinberger and [Weinberger's attorney] Richard Wolfe are the individuals

who are suing 50," Campbell told "They are not suing

on behalf of me or any member of the 2 Live Crew.

"These guys (Joe and

Richard) that's all they do is go around suing people and use our names. When

they do sue people and make money on that catalogue, neither me nor any of the

2 Live Crew members receive any money from that."

Weinberger once represented

Campbell and became owner of the copyrights when Campbell filed for bankruptcy


"They stole that catalogue

from the members and me and we don't make money from it," Campbell said.

"When you read my book, 'My Life and Freaky Times,' you'll get the full

entire story surrounding these two crooks and that catalogue."

Neither Wolfe nor

Weinberger were available for comments as of press time.

Below are the first four pages of the 27-page lawsuit.


Joe Music Vs. 50 Cent Page 1

Lil Joe Music Vs.

50 Cent Page 2

Lil Joe Music Vs.

50 Cent Page 3

Lil Joe Music Vs.

50 Cent Page 4