Luke Planning Tell All Book, New Album Features Snoop Diss

Luther Campbell

is planning to release a tell all book about his exploits in the music business,

titled "Uncle Luke Campbell's Chicken Soup."

"The book

is a collection of stories," Campbell told "It gets

into stories about backstage, the obscenity trial, classic freak parties to

classic parties we had with Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp while they were still

in college."

The book, which

is being co-authored with journalist Dara Cook, features in-depth interviews

with various rappers Campbell has come across in his 20 plus years in the rap


"We have people

and different artists, Keith Sweat, Fat Joe and Run-DMC talk about a wide range

of stuff," Campbell continued. "People always say 'what do you remember

about that big ol orgy that went on down there? Remember we did this and that?'

Half the time I be forgetting. Everyone got their stories, so I interviewed

them and put em in."

While Campbell

has yet to sign a deal with a publisher, the rapper/CEO said that he already

has three solid offers on the table from different publishing companies.

Campbell also revealed

that he is working on a 20th anniversary album The Don Of All Dons, which he

said would be a very controversial album in which he will diss Snoop Dogg.

"Snoop called

me a washed up rapper on his show," Campbell said in reference to a skit

Snoop performed on his "Doggyfizzle Televizzle" television show.

"I thought

that the beef was squashed until he did that, so I see there's some beef. I

really get at him on my album. People are going to find it really interesting,

because I don't speak any fiction, I only speak the truth."

The album will

be a CD/DVD and will contain all new material.

"I am doing

a song with Dougie Fresh, Fat Man Scoop and DJ Kool, like a party kings song,"

Campbell said. "There will also be a Goodie Mob song featuring all of the

group members before they broke up."

The Don Of All

Don's hits stores in November and the book has no scheduled release date.