Luke Prepares "Don of All Dons" CD/DVD

Rap veteran Luther Campbell is gearing up to release his CD/DVD Don Of All Dons.According to Campbell, the CD features the party music that he is known for as his opinion on recent events and the politics of hip hop."Nothing is off limits, if you got caught out there like Kobe did I'm speaking on it, If you are a rapper and you are letting the system pimp you, I'm speaking on it," Campbell said. "It's all in fun."The DVD for Don Of All Dons. is the repackaged version of the platinum-selling release of "Luke's Freakfest - Tha Movie."Freakfest, which also features Luke, Bishop Don Juan, Big Tigger, 36 Mafia and others, was released only to mom and pops stores across the country.The repackaged and renamed version on sale across the country in Blockbuster Video stores in February 10, 2004.The releases commemorate the almost twenty years Campbell has spent in the rap industry. Campbell released his first single, "Throw The D," which introduced a nationwide audience to what is known as the Miami bass sound."With the state of the music industry and all of the obstacles I've faced and fought for in this business it feels great to be approaching the 20-year mark," Campbell continued. "I've always said I wanted to be like the Rolling Stones and the O'Jays - everlasting, historical people in the business. I've never stopped releasing my videos, touring, or releasing albums. In my travels I've found that my music is still very viable. People still love bass music. You hear it everywhere."