Luke Says Video Will Prove His Innocence In Allegations

Police refuted a woman's claim that she was sexually

assaulted with a beer bottle on stage during a Luke show in Charleston, South

Carolina. The 23 year old woman claimed that two dancers forced her on stage

last Saturday night.

After viewing a 12 minute amateur video tape,

police say the video shot by an audience member did not support a the woman's

claim that she was stripped naked on the stage and penetrated with a beer bottle.

They also said that they would wait to view a professional copy of the tape

before they made any decisions.

"We've had a chance to review the tape with

investigators as well as the solicitor's office," said Sgt. Ken Hagee to

local News 2. "At this time we find no evidence to corroborate the alleged

victim's story."

Campell said that he has been in trouble before

and also taped the concert, saying it would clear any doubts about his innocence.

Luke revealed to that he would

release a copy of the tape next Thursday (Oct. 17) via his website,

"Everybody on stage ends up signing a release,"

Campbell said. "I'm pretty sure she regrets what she did. At the end of

the day she thought about it, but she signed a release. She was enjoying the

moment and when people see this tape here they'll see that. There was no crime

committed here."