Luke Stands Up For Local Rappers

Hip-Hop veteran Luke Campbell held a meeting with Miami radio disc jockeys this week, after local artists complained that their records were being shunned by DJ's.Campbell and an assorted group of local acts expressed their gripes to the general managers and program directors of 99 Jamz and newcomer 103 The Beat."Local artists aren't getting airplay and on top of that, they aren't getting any local DJ's on the air," Campbell told "The artists have been telling me for a couple of years that I need to do something. Everyone from around the country comes through Miami and the DJ's show love, but the local artists don't get any shine."Campbell said that the issue started when Clear Channel's 103 The Beat started broadcasting."They came in with DJ's from outta town," Campbell said. "When that station came in the local station, 99 Jamz figured they needed to change up, so they started using outta town talent too."Luke said he explained that local artists were being overlooked, due to the fact that Miami attracts a high amount of tourists."The local infrastructure doesn't know what's good," Luke continued. "It's programming for tourists. You can bulls*t a cat that aint been nowhere, but you can't get me on that."Local DJ's, college and commercial DJ's all participated in the meeting.Luke said he hopes the issue can be resolved as soon as two weeks."There's only one mix DJ that plays Miami sh*t. It's bananas."