Lupe Fiasco Speaks Out About Leaked Music

Rapper Lupe Fiasco recently expressed his outrage in regards to a song being released to the public without his permission.

The track "I'm Beaming" was leaked on Christmas Eve night by a unknown party. The rapper says that he has planned to pursue legal action to find out who leaked the track and to press charges against the individual(s) responsible, as the rapper has claimed the track to be stolen property.

About the track being unintentionally released, Fiasco wrote this message to his fans on his blog.

"A lot of time and energy goes into the creation of this music, not to mention large sums of money, money provided by my record company as well as from my own personal finances," he explained. "My music is the product of my life. It means so much to me. I take pride in it and I also take pride in how it changes peoples lives and gives them hope. So to see it treated in this manner really numbs the soul. So many of my family and friends rely on me for their well-being and I rely on my music to give me the opportunities that allow me to provide for them."

He also made a plea to his fans not to purchase, distribute, or endorse any illegally released material of his.

Fiasco also went on to state that he takes the situation very personal in regards to the fact that he believes his first album was massively pirated and illegally downloaded prior to its official release.

He then compared the situation to the kidnapping of a family member, or a house robbery.

"And for those of you unsympathetic enough not to understand I can only compare it to someone breaking into your house and stealing everything not tied down or someone kidnapping your sister or brother and ransoming them back to you," Fiasco aruged. "A deep sense of helplessness. I hope you never have to feel this and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

So far no one has been found responsible for the leak.