Luther Campbell Launches Publicly Traded Company

Miami Hip-Hop mogul Luther “Luke” Campbell has teamed with Victor Nappe to his multi-media company a publicly traded company, Luke Entertainment Group.

The company, which will focus in three areas of entertainment: an independent music division, videos including adult entertainment and sports management. The Luke Entertainment group started trading today (December 3) under the NASDAQ pink symbol, LKEN.

"The Luke Entertainment Group going Public is an important milestone for Hip Hop music," said Luther Campbell, Chairman of the Board of Luke Entertainment Group. "The Luke Entertainment Group will be an example of the influence Hip Hop music has on the economy and how our culture directly impacts technology and consumer spending. This will also serve as an opportunity for me to teach the Hip Hop culture the power of investing, as many people are probably unfamiliar with Wall Street and how it can help improve your long term wealth."

The Luke Entertainment Group will offer consumers video tones and downloadable web content.

The sport marketing division which will manage the careers of professional athletes, while the music will offer independent artist an opportunity to build their fan base.

Luke was a member of the landmark group 2 Live Crew.

He is also well known in the adult film world for his adult videos through Luke Entertainment.

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