Lydia Harris Launches New Label; Tell All Death Row Documentary

Contested Death Row co-founder Lydia Harris has disclosed plans to re-enter the industry with the launch of Lady Boss Entertainment, her first label and venture since the collapse of Death Row.

The first single “Make It Flurry” is courtesy of the New Jersey based group Movin Music Platoon (MMP) and is due out on iTunes September 9.

The group first gained attention last year via the single “Picture Wit Me” which featured Jim Jones.

Acquiring a valuable distribution deal with Universal Records, Harris explained that MMP is the perfect group to showcase her fledgling label’s identity.

“Just like when we started Death Row, my only goal was to find a solid act with strong music; and I did with MMP,” Harris states. “After hearing just three songs, I decided that ‘Make It Flurry’ would be LBE’s debut record.”

Harris was embroiled in a two decade long legal battle with Marion “Suge” Knight over the rightful ownership of Death Row Records.

Harris’ lawsuit claimed to have co-founded Death Row with then husband Michael “Harry-O” Harris and Knight in 1991.

After the label’s quick rise to superstardom, Harris alleged that Knight cut her and husband Harry-O out of their rightful profit shares.

In 2005, Harris won a $107 million dollar judgment which forced Knight to file for bankruptcy protection.

On June 27, 2008 the courts ordered the label sold for $24 million, as all appeals to save the label had been exhausted.

With legal matters resolved, Harris now has the go-ahead to release a new book and DVD entitled Married to the Game, which reveals previously confidential information about how she and Harry-O started Death Row, signed Dr. Dre, and initially recruited Suge Knight as an artist manager.

“Now that the case is over, I am re-editing the DVD with information I could not share before,” Harris explained. “I cannot wait for the whole truth to finally be told.”

Movin Music Platoon’s “Make It Flurry” will be available on iTunes September 9.

Lydia Harris’ DVD and book Married to the Game is set for a November 2008 release.