Lydia Harris Talks Death Row Lawsuit, Possible Lawsuit Over Documentary

The wife of notorious

Los Angeles drug trafficker, Michael "Harry O" Harris, is continuing

her legal bouts with Death Row Records in court to obtain what she calls rightful

half ownership of the label.

Lydia Harris, otherwise

known as "Lady Boss," is seeking $100 million in damages and 50 percent

ownership of Death Row Records, now known simply as The Row.

The Houston native

alleges that she hasn't received any profits since her husband Harry O played

a significant role in formulating the rap label.

Death Row is contesting

a default judgment that went in Harris' favor after the label's co-founder Marion

"Suge" Knight failed to show up at previous court dates, according

to Harris.

Harris is also

planning to file a lawsuit against Xenon Pictures, claiming that she never received

compensation from the company for the documentary "Welcome to Death Row,"

which chronicled the history and evolution of the famed record company.

Harris says she

was in a contractual agreement with Xenon that made her partner in the documentary.

Harris claims she

has never received a portion of the earnings from the 2001 documentary, which

she says has sold over 100,000 copies and counting.

"I think they

saw what happened with the Death Row situation and they underestimated me,"

Harris told of the situation. "This has been going on for

three or four years now, and I haven't seen any of the profits."

"This is the

first of a threat of legal action that we are aware of," COO of Xenon Pictures

Steve Housden told "We worked hard on that documentary and

the accusations are completely baseless."

Since the origins

of Death Row, Lydia Harris has pushed for half ownership of the label that helped

rebirth Tupac Shakur's career after the slain rapper's imprisonment.

Harris claims that

her husband Harry O helped create Death Row along with Suge Knight and his lawyer

David Kenner, but that Harry O has been excluded from his due share of proceeds.

Lydia stopped communicating

with Kenner and Suge after she said they were engaging in shady business practices.

Instead, the businesswoman

formed her own, now defunct, label called Lifestyle Records under Interscope.

Harris currently heads her own

film production company, Dream On Productions.

The film company

plans to release "Married to the Game" in early 2005, based on Harris'

experiences in the industry as the bride of a legendary drug dealer.

"I wanna help

young kids and sisters, tell them that they don't have to stand for this when

Snoop [Dogg] and other rappers are calling them bi**hes and hoes," said

Harris. "Let's teach them they can have some self respect and they don't

have to put up with that kind of disrespect."

Lydia's husband

Harry O is currently serving a 28 year to life term in a California state prison

for drug trafficking and conspiracy to commit murder.


for Death Row were not available for comment on this story.