Lydia High Responds To Jam Master Jay Accusations

In a statement released to, Lydia High, has come forward to speak on recently published reports, accusing her of being uncooperative in the investigation to find Jam Master Jay's killer.

Recent reports suggested High and her brother, Randy Allen, may know more about the murder than they are telling.

Jam Master Jay's mother, Connie Mizell also questioned why the pair were not helping investigators in the search, which so far has not been productive.

High was present when Jam Master Jay was killed.

Reports claimed that she buzzed the killer in to the recording studio. Authorities say that those present when Jay was murdered are not being cooperative with the investigation.

Here is High's statement in it's entirety:

For the record, my name is Lydia High; not Lydia Allen. I was Jam Master Jay's manager and business partner. I had the pleasure of knowing Jay and his entire family for over twenty years.

The gruesome demise of Jam Master Jay was unimaginable. Not only was he my business partner but he was also my mentor and my friend.

I am writing in response to an article written by Michelle McPhee, which appeared in the May 5th edition of The Daily News.

This article has caused me great distress as it was void of any factual information concerning my involvement on the night of Jason Mizell's death. I adamantly deny and challenge any statement that places me as the person who buzzed in the murder or murderers of Jason Mizell.

Anything stating otherwise is an absolute fabrication.

The insinuation that I am no longer connected to the Mizell family is also untrue as I am in contact with Terri Mizell, Jason's widow, in continuing to handle some of Jason's business affairs.

Unfortunately I along with many other people who dearly loved Jam Master Jay have been in a state of grief since his untimely death.

Therefore, it has been difficult for me to function and speak on the events of October 30, 2002. However I am more than willing to help the authorities to capture and convict the person or persons who committed this atrocious act.

Jam Master Jay was a respectable and noble man whose memory should never be tarnished in any way. He was not only an incredible DJ; he was also a producer, writer, director and professional business man.

Outside of the entertainment industry he was a great father, husband and a loyal friend to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

He was a man who condemned and spoke against violence. His life was taken away from us far too soon. May Jay remain an inspiration to us all.

I plead with the media and the community to stop the rumors and innuendoes and to instead offer their prayers for the family of Jason Mizell.

For questions please contact Attorney Eric Vaughn Flam at 212-935-0900.