Lynne Cheney Attacks Eminem


Cheney, wife of War Monger, Halliburton

(an Oil Company) CEO, George Bush Vice President wannabe Dick

Cheney, has attacked Eminem, calling him a violent misogynist,

and demanded that Seagrams, the corporation that distributes Eminem's

label, Aftermath/Interscope, to take responsibility for putting

the records out. She was testifying at a Senate held hearing on

violence in the entertainment industries, with Joseph Lieberman,

who also once attacked MC Eiht. He wants the industry to be regulated,

so that it doesn't market so much violence to younger people.

John McCain, a Republican

from Arizona, was the ring leader in the hearings. Mrs. Cheney,

who has her husband to thank for her voice, is the former chairwoman

of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and she said she

was there "to name names, to say exactly what is wrong, and

to ask individuals to be accountable. "It is truly astonishing

to me that a man whose work is so filled with hate would be so

honored by his peers," Mrs. Cheney said.

McCain's called the

hearings after The Federal Trade Commission concluded that Hollywood

is intentionally marketing violence to youths through music, video

games and movies. In her attacking the entertainment industry,

she didn't mention all of the liquor that causes problems that

Seagrams also distributes, or the wars (Persian Gulf and Bosnia)

that her husband as Secretary Of Defense oversaw.