Lyor Cohen Statement On Jam Master Jay

This is definitely the most difficult note I

have yet to write. A note necessary only because of this convoluted world we

live in and its fascination for distorted, embellished truths. It's really important

for the record to be clear and precise. Remember, Jason does have three kids,

a wife, mother, brothers and sisters and they should only be subjected to the


Jason is a beautiful person, a husband, an amazing

father and a gracious friend. He is a person who in the due course of his everyday

would offer people his smile and his help just because he was Jason...

It was Jason who I reported to from '82-'85 as

Run DMC's road manager. Jay showed me how to settle shows and fulfill my responsibilities

to the group. It's those lessons from that period that I rely on daily in order

to do what i do.

Jason befriended me and always showed me great

kindness and the utmost respect. While Darryl McDaniels (my roommate) was shy,

Joey was always ''run", it was Jay who had the friends because he was friendly

and interested whether you were simply a fan or a local dj. Jay always engaged

in dialogue and made people feel important. Jay's eyes always made contact and

his smile never far behind. Jay has the best smile because it is genuine.

Jay's smile is what I already deeply miss. Jay's

smile was a conversation, so many words in his smile.

Jay and his group Run DMC have always been about

the most positive things - never taking a detour to negativity. The group Run

DMC helped establish Def Jam. I personally want to work hard to champion the

positive over the negative- and to help remind me, I will keep Jason's smile

so very close to my heart.