Lyricist Lounge Tour Dates


Lyricist Lounge will kick off

September 10th, in Chicago Illinois at The House Of Blues. Mos

Def will be headlining the tour, which will also feature performances

by: Bahamdia, 50 Cent, Slum Village, Master Fuol, Nature, Talib

Kweli and Punch & Words.

Sept. 10; House of

Blues; Chicago, Ill.

Sept. 12; Fox Theatre; Boulder, Colo.

Sept. 14; Roseland; Portland, Ore.

Sept. 15; Maritime

Hall; San Francisco, Calif.

Sept. 17; House of

Blues; Los Angeles, Calif.

Sept. 18; Celebrity

Theatre; Phoenix, Ariz.

Sept. 20; House of

Blues; New Orleans, La.

Sept. 21; Variety

Playhouse; Atlanta, Ga.

Sept. 23; House of

Blues; Orlando, Fla.

Sept. 26, Laga; Pittsburgh,


Sept. 27; Avalon;

Boston, Mass.

Sept. 28; Higherground;

Burlington, Vt.

Oct. 1; Nation; Washington,


Oct. 2; Electric Factory;

Philadelphia, Pa.

Oct. 4; Liberty Hall;

Lawrence, Kan.

Oct. 5; Firehouse;

St. Louis, Mo.

Oct. 6; St. Andrews

Hall; Detroit, Mich.

Oct. 7, Rave; Milwaukee,