Lyrics From New York Rapper Cited in 2003 Shooting

Rap lyrics

written by a man charged in the shooting of two New York Police Department detectives

were presented as evidence Monday (Dec. 11) by federal prosecutors. Ronnell

Wilson, 24, who is on trial in a Brooklyn federal court, is charged with killing

undercover detectives James Nemorin and Rodney Andrews in Staten Island in March

2003. Colleen

Kavanagh, a federal prosecutor, stated that Wilson bragged about “shooting

his victim in the back of the head” in his lyrics, which were written on

two sheets of paper and found in Wilson’s pants pocket.Leave

a 45 slugs in da back of ya head/Cause I'm gettin dat bread, ain't goin stop to

I'm dead/ wrote Wilson, who Kavanagh said identified himself under the nickname

“Rated R.” According

to reports, Nemorin, 36, and Andrews, 34, were shot in the head and dumped on

a street after a weapons-buying sting went wrong. Wilson allegedly wrote the lyrics

while he was on the run.Wilson

was one of several men arrested in connection with the slaying. The other six

suspects pleaded guilty to various charges. Although

prosecutors believe Wilson wrote the lyrics after the shootings, defense attorneys

countered by saying the lyrics are boastful fantasies. The

defense plans on calling a rap expert to support their claim, reports state. The

trial is the latest case in which prosecutors have used rap lyrics as evidence

of criminal acts, intent or mindset.