M.O.P. And Rakim Collaborate


hip hop world patiently awaits, for Rakim,

the god of rap to emerge after signing with Dr. Dre's

Aftermath Records. In a recent interview with Jerry

Barrow, a freelance writer, Brooklyn's M.O.P. said they

were contacted by Rakim to be on his yet-untitled album.

"I had a convo with Rakim. He said he got a slot

for us on his new album," Billy Danz said. "I

get a chance to rock with the God."

While Rakim

has popped up with Kool G Rap on "Ghetto Nigga"

from Bad Boy's G-Dep's debut, the Long Island rap resident

has laid low since his last album, The Master.

Being on Aftermath has possibly given another fan of

Rakim the chance to bless the mic with the God. "You

better believe I want to work with Rakim!," Kurupt

said in an interview with Allhiphop.com. In the past,

Kurupt has said, "My idol ain't no joke so why

in the fuck would I be," referring to Eric B and

Rakim's "I Ain't No Joke."


for Aftermath would only confirm that Rakim was formulating

how he wants to present himself creatively on the album.