M.O.P.'s Lawsuit Against John Cena Voluntarily Dismissed

AllHipHop Staff

Brownsville vets M.O.P. have voluntary dismissed their copyright infringement lawsuit against WWE champion John Cena, stemming from the sampling of their 2000 smash hit “Ante Up.”

In a lawsuit filed on the group‘s behalf, M.O.P. alleged that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) illegally obtained the rights to sample their signature track “Ante Up,” for Cena’s theme song “My Time is Now.”

In addition to entrance song duties, the Cena track has been utilized on the wrestler’s debut rap album You Can’t See Me, which is certified Gold, on Pay-Per-View specials, as ringtones, and on DVDs.

According to attorneys representing M.O.P., the duo turned down initial requests to sample their song.

WWE later approached the publishing holder Next Level Publishing and obtained the clearance from the president.

However, M.O.P. claimed the clearance was illegal since an office worker who misrepresented his position was the one finally granted the WWE permission.

The group requested an undisclosed sum of damages from WWE for all proceeds made from the song (CDs, DVDs, PPVs, etc.) and that the track be recalled.

In their lawsuit, the Mash Out Posse claimed to have over 65% ownership on the song, which legally would require their permission before the composition could be licensed.

At press time M.O.P. has not released a statement clarifying if a settlement had been reached out of court.

The dismissal allows John Cena to continue using the entrance theme song, which he has retained for the last three years.