M.O.P. Signs With G-Unit, Billy Danze Speaks

Rumors have persisted

in recent weeks that Brownsville, New York rhyme posse M.O.P. has been on the

verge of signing with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records.

Group member Billy

Danze confirmed with AllHipHop.com that the group is now officially signed with

50's label.

"It's a beautiful

thing, it's working out," Danze told AllHipHop.com. "We're doing new

joints for the album and we're currently on the Anger Management tour with G-Unit."

The group was originally

signed to Roc-A-Fella, but when the label was broken up and sold off to the

Island Def Jam Music Group in December of 2004, the group was caught in the


M.O.P. ended up

on Dame Dash's Dame Dash Music Group, but in May of 2005, group manager Laze

E. Laze told AllHipHop.com that M.O.P. planned on a clean break from all parties.

Danze explained

that the new situation with G-Unit has afforded them lots of new opportunities

and he's looking forward to creating some new, dope music, which should come

out in early 2006.

"We got a

new situation, so we wanna start fresh," Danze said. "We cover all

the grounds we need to cover now."

With the recent

signing of Mobb Deep to G-Unit confirmed as well, fans of the group should expect

the possibility of some high-profile collaborations. According to Billy, no

matter the label, it's still all about the hardcore.

"It doesn't

matter who you're making music with or what label you’re signed to, as

long as you're doing it the way you've done it for years," Danze explained.

"We listen to dudes from everywhere, it don't make a difference who you

are as long as you got good music."

Still, many loyal

M.O.P. fans may feel like the group might change now that they are aligned with

an international star like 50 Cent. Billy feels that fans should embrace the

new label deal.

"Because you

don't like the situation that I put myself in - which is a better situation

- you don't wanna f**k with me no more? That doesn't make sense to me. What

it means to me is you weren't really down with us anyway," Danze told Allhiphop.com.

"We do music from the bottom, we represent the parts of society that people

try to forget about, and we will continue to do that, regardless of our [label]


As Billy puts it,

true fans will ride or die and keep showing the love. "If you're a real

fan, you're gonna want me on the winning team," he said.

You can currently

catch M.O.P. performing at various venues across the country performing on the

Anger Management Tour.