M.O.P. Won’t Come Between Jay-Z & Dame Dash

They don’t

call them the first family for nothing. Brooklyn rap group M.O.P. say if they

can’t reach an agreement between both Jay-Z and Damon Dash for a new recording

contract then the former Roc-A-Fella artists will look elsewhere.

“When we

came into the situation it was like Roc-A-Fella: Jay, Dame,” Billy Danze

told AllHipHop.com about the rumors surrounding his and Lil Fame’s next

label home. “If it can’t be that, then we may have to go another


While being courted

separately by the former partners is flattering, according to M.O.P, ultimately

they feel a sense of loyal to both men.

“I love Dame,”

said Fame. “Dame’s my n*****, man. But we ain’t coming between

two n*****.

Fame, however,

did admit to thinking about the potential rewards of signing with either party.

With Dash, he said, there’s a track record of success. “Dame’s

made a lot of money, man,” beamed Fame. “A whole lot of money.”

But with Jay-Z,

via his newly appointed position as the president of Def Jam, Fame believes

an artist would get a fair shake. As a former solo star, he reasons, Jay-Z could

relate to his roster’s needs better because of his own experience. “He

(Jay-Z) know what a n**** deserve,” Fame fumed. “That’s the

treatment I expected from the Roc [initially].”

As a result of

Jay-Z and Dash’s split, the release date of M.O.P’s next album,

Ghetto Warfare, has been suspended indefinitely. Last year the group pasted

together old verses for a rock-inspired release in hopes of satisfying their

legion of loyal fans. With no resolution in sight on the business end, Fame

insists he and Danze will be forced to release free music.

“We about

to start giving out a bunch of s***t,” he said. “Just to show our

appreciation. Just dedicate it to people. We need to release some music, man.”