Ma$e Plotting Clean Return To Rap

Rapper turned pastor Mason "Ma$e" Betha

is planning to return to his roots as a rapper.

The Harlem World member, who experienced life

changing success as a rapper left the business in 1999 to preach.

Ma$e is in talks to reunite with his former manager

Cudda Love, who also founded Fo'Reel Entertainment, the label that houses Platinum

rapper Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali and the St. Lunatics.

"I am grateful for all the blessings bestowed

on me that were a result of my music career," Ma$e said when he announced

his retirement in 1999. "Now it's time for me to serve God in His way.

The Lord sends you messages when He's ready and not necessarily when we are."

While Ma$e may return and end up with Fo'Reel, he

is still under contract to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Entertainment.

Fo'Reel is attempting to structure a deal with

Bad Boy that will allow Ma$e to record his new untitled album.

If the album is released, it would be a Hip-Hop

album with no profanity that would touch on relevant social issues.