Mac Da Assassin Convicted

AllHipHop Staff


Limit star Mckinley "Mac Da Assassin"

Phipps was convicted Friday of manslaughter in the shooting

of 19-year-old Barron Victor Jr. at a New Orleans club

last year, despite the claims from another man, who claims

he fired the bullet.

Jurors deliberated

for 7 hours and voted 10-2 for manslaughter. Mac was spared

the more serious charge of second-degree murder, which

is what he went on trial for. Mac is facing up up to 40

years behind bars when he is sentenced November 12th.


has been served," the victim's father, Barron Victor

Sr., said as he left the courtroom.

After the

verdict was read and jurors left the courtroom, 24 year

old Mac put his head on the defense table and cried as

his lawyers attempted to console him. "There's a

kid who has never done anything wrong in his life, never

violated a law, who was convicted of a crime he didn't

commit," defense attorney Jason Williams told the

New Orleans newspaper the Times Picayune. Williams argued

that Mac's violent stage image was pure entertainment.

"There wasn't one piece of evidence linking him to

the crime or a reason or a motive. And he cried like a

kid after the verdict," Williams continued.

Williams argued

that the wrong man was placed on trial, noting the confession

of Thomas Williams, an in-law of Mac and an employee of

Camouflage Entertainment. He told police that he was the

one who shot Victor. Although he didn't testify at the

trial, the DA played his videotaped confession to the

police, which was taken a week after the shooting at the

now defunct Club Mercedes.

The murder

weapon was never found.