Mac Dre’s Mom Says He Would've Worked With New Generation Of Rappers If He Lived

Mac Wanda talks about her late son and is also lining up support for the third tribute to her son Mac Dre.

(AllHipHop News) Thizz Entertainment has partnered with “The Green Door,” a cannabis dispensary in California, which also has locations out of state.

Mac Dre Day, which takes place on July 5, 2018, will be mark the third celebration honoring the slain Vallejo rapper's life.

Mac Dre Day 2018 is hosted by Mally Mall features performances by Philthy Rich, Nef The Pharaoh, Yhung TO, Tyga, Yhung CEO, Lil Sheik, Sneakk, Coolio Da Unda Dogg and more.

“I partnered with them because Mac Dre was a huge spokesperson for cannabis,” Mac Wanda explained. “This year before the show, what we’re doing a pre-party called the 'Smoke out Session' at The Green Door lounge, then we’re going to have an after party in San Francisco at a venue called The Roc. I added these parties because we’ve grown [our] fan base, from ages 13-70! I wanted to include everybody, including those who use cannabis recreationally, and medicinally.  We’re gonna make it fun for everybody!”

Mac Dre released 14 albums during his career, before he was cut down by asssains bullets on an interstate highway in Kansas City, Missouri in 2004.

It was rumored that a former associate named Fat Tone was behind Mac Dre’s murder, although police could not confirm the claims common because fat tone was also murdered.

Both Fat Tone and an associate named Jermaine "Cowboy" Akins were found murdered in a vacant construction area near Las Vegas, NV.

Bay Area rapper Andre "Mac Minister" Dow eventually emerged as a suspect.

Mac Minister was indicted for the murders of Fat Tone and Cowboy, but he fled, leading to his profile being showcased on the hit television series America’s Most Wanted.

He was captured in San Francisco in Mar. 2006 and after trial, was sentenced to life in prison.

According to Mac Dre's mother Mac Wanda, had her son not been involved in beef, he would still be around today working with the top rappers.

"I think he would be focused on his record label, and his companies...and, he’d be really interested in showcasing up and coming artists," Mac Wanda said.

"He’d would for sure want to work with the 'Lil Pump’s', and the 'Young Thug’s'. He’d support them doing things like the rainbow-colored hair, because of the uniqueness and the courage, and most of all the want to do something different.'

The third annual Mac Dre’ day will take place on July 5, 2018 at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA.

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Dame Zachary$
Dame Zachary$

Rip Mac Dre. Bay legend.