Machine Gun Kelly's Alleged Beatdown Victim May Sue

Machine Gun Kelly's temper may cost him some big money.

(AllHipHop News) The man who accused Machine Gun Kelly of masterminding a beatdown in a hotel lobby is threatening to take the rapper to court if he doesn't pay up.

Gabriel Rodriguez clams MGK's crew attacked him in Atlanta, Georgia after he called the rap star a "p##sy".

His lawyer, Blake Dolman said MGK's posse acted on behalf of the rapper and claims the "intentional battery and assault" caused serious and permanent injuries to his client, adding, "The law does not allow him to hide behind others."

Police in Atlanta have identified three men involved in the attack and charged them with misdemeanor battery but Machine Gun Kelly will not be charged with any crime.

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No. 1-1

For anyone who watched this gooses own videos of him taunting MGK, like a drunken moron, this is hilarious. Even the Police think this dickhead started the whole situation, an wont devote any time or man power to tracking MGK or crew down, an making them answer to this ‘crime’. Cunt got a solid checking by the sounds of things.