Machine Gun Kelly Sued For Ordering His Bodyguards To Beat Up An Eminem Fan

The rap star is included in a website filed by a guy who was beaten up in an Atlanta for talking smack.

(AllHipHop News) Hopefully, Machine Gun Kelly's feud with Eminem was worth it financially, because it's going to cost him.

A man named Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez thought it was a good idea to taunt MGK at the height of his feud with Eminem.

MGK was in a restaurant in Atlanta when Rodriguez decided to film himself calling the rapper a pu##y for feuding with Eminem.

Rodriguez was kicked out of the restaurant by security, but he managed to track down MGK and found him in front of a local Hampton Inn.

Rodriguez started to insult MGK again and that's when the Cleveland rappers security guards stepped in and issued Rodriguez a beat down.

The assault happened as Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem were beefing after the Detroit rapper took several shots at MGK on "Not Alike" from his album Kamikaze.

Machine Gun Kelly replied with a vicious diss to Eminem on "Rap Devil" and Em dropped another bomb called "KILLSHOT."

Three men were eventually charged with misdemeanors, but MGK escaped any charges because he did not participate in the attack.

But G-Rod claims MGK ordered his security to attack him. He's suing MGK and three of the rapper's security guards for medical expenses and damages.

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MGK didn't ordered to beat up G-Rod! He was in restaurant, G-Rod came and started to insult MGK and provoked a fight! G-Rod wanted to make some money on MGK!