Machine Gun Kelly Talks Being The Underdog Against Eminem & Sleeping With Halsey

The Midwesterner breaks down his beef with Slim Shady and G-Eazy.

(AllHipHop News) Over the last few weeks, Machine Gun Kelly found himself in the middle of a public feud with G-Eazy then Eminem. The Cleveland representative sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk about his rivals.

Of course, the conversation included Kelly addressing his "Rap Devil" diss song as well as Eminem's response track "Killshot." MGK talked in detail about his dispute with the Detroit-raised emcee, and the Bad Boy recording artist implied he has to combat Em as well as a large part of the Internet.

"The narrative is becoming a little unfair right now. I'm in a boxing ring with one person. I came as one person," said the Binge EP creator. "I never asked [Sean "Puffy" Combs] to retweet a thing. I never asked any of my celebrity friends to get on my side. I never asked them to comment under my pictures. I never asked for none of that."

MGK continued, "And here is this audience throwing banana peels while I'm fighting." He claimed the viral video of concertgoers booing him while performing "Rap Devil" was edited. "Not only did I not get booed, but every time for the last two weeks - Michigan included - I step out in the crowd after that song plays and walk through the entire arena."

The MGK vs G-Eazy conflict seemed to stem from the bad blood over both rappers once being involved with Halsey. During his appearance on Power 105.1, Kelly was very open about his alleged relationship with the "Him & I" singer.

"Yes, many of them," responded Machine Gun when asked if he had sex with G-Eazy's girlfriend. "I didn't even say no names, so I don't even know why everyone's getting sensitive... The thirty-year-old and the fifty-year-old said those names, not me."

When asked directly if he slept with Halsey, MGK replied, "Absolutely... I think that's wack. That was when she and I were rocking... I don't know why she keeps getting thrown in it. I never said no names. Of course, I'm gonna throw a punchline in because I know it hurts. And this is Hip Hop."

The 28-year-old musician/actor also discussed his commercial success, once partying with G-Eazy, confronting Charlamagne Tha God, his drug usage, and going against the so-called industry machine behind Eminem. Plus, MGK stated he has no plans to respond to "Killshot."

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Em didnt ask anyone to say anything either, they do becasue they know he is right