Mack 10 And Fat Joe: Long Lost Brothers


10 and Fat Joe

are the latest Hip-Hop heads to become actors in the newest straight

to video flick (which is becoming the thang amongst Hip-Hoppers),

Thicker Than Water, which is due out early next year. The shooting

starts next week on location in LA. The story line is about two

cats who don't know they are brothers, meet up, and begin hustling

people. The movie will be released by Hoo Bangin/Priority Films,

and a soundtrack that will include tracks by Big Pun, Fat Joe

and Mack 10 among others will be released with it. Other rappers

to do the straight to video thing are of course, Master P, Jay-Z,

upcoming shit from E-40, Mack 10, and a new one coming up from

Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq.