Macy Gray Says Kanye Is Playing Everyone For A Fool To Promote His New Album

Macy Gray isn't feeling Kanye West's political stunts.

(AllHipHop News) Macy Gray has accused Kanye West of only declaring support for U.S President Donald Trump to drum up publicity for his forthcoming album.

Kanye has been praising Trump since his election in 2016. He even traveled to The White House for a bizarre televised meeting with America's leader.

Kanye was supposed to debut his now delayed new record, Yandhi, in September, shortly before the summit - and Macy Gray, 51, suspects the hip-hop star's entry into politics is all a publicity stunt.

"People are welcome to support who they want," she told U.K. breakfast show Good Morning Britain. "My thing is he only supports him when his album is coming out. I just think it's not real, every time he has an album coming out he decides to support Trump."

Last month, following backlash from fans, Kanye revealed he was "distancing" himself from politics as he felt "used."

Yandhi's release date was initially pushed back to November 23, but Kanye has now pulled the album indefinitely while he finishes it.