Magic Organizers Claim Concealed Gun Halted Game

Organizers of the Magic Marketplace denied that The Game was ejected out of the famed Las Vegas fashion convention, but charged the rap star was denied entrance because his security carried concealed handguns.

In a statement, Magic also countered the assertion that the Miami shooting of Suge Knight was a factor in the decision. “The Game was not ‘kicked out’ of the show for possible involvement in the recent Suge Knight shooting, as has previously been reported,” the statement read. Magic brass contended a Las Vegas building code prohibits concealed weapons of any type on the premises.

On Tuesday, The Game arrived at the event to showcase his Hurricane sneakers, which are made by 310 Footwear. Magic’s security attempted to work with 310 Footwear’s security to find an alternate, more suitable location for the rapper’s display. According to Magic, 310 declined the offer of relocation, because the new site was unacceptable to them.

“On Tuesday morning, August 30, The Game arrived at the event site an hour earlier than scheduled accompanied by five bodyguards – at least two of whom were allegedly armed. After being informed by security officials that this was a direct violation of trade show rules, all were escorted off the show premises,” Magic official said. They also charge that The Game refused to reschedule his appearance.

The Game’s manager Jimmy Henchmen maintained that fears surrounding the Miami shooting of Suge Knight prompted action from on-site security. “It’s a shame that an incident that happens on one coast would affect a promotion of the (Hurricane) sneakers on another. Speculation here will make matters worst in this matter," Game's manager Jimmy Henchmen told

Concurring, The Game explained what happened yesterday from his point of view.

"They had a lot of state police exit us right out of the building," Game told the Associated Press. "They were scared there was going to be some drama, but I don't know why they would be scared because I had nothing to do with (the shooting)."