Maino Dropping Autobiographical DVD 'Unstoppable'

AllHipHop Staff

In preparation for the release of his June 30 debut album, Brooklyn’s Maino has announced an autobiographical documentary entitled Unstoppable presented by Best of the Block/Hustle Hard.

Maino’s film will center on the rapper’s transformation from convicted drug dealer to rising Hip-Hop star.

In the mid 90’s, Maino was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a drug-motivated kidnapping.

During his time away, he focused on honing his rap skills as a tool to remove himself from a life of crime.

After being released in 2003, he gradually networked with notable industry contacts like Lil Kim, while making a name on NY’s mixtape circuit.

Now after the 2008 national success of “Hi Hater,” the Brooklynite finally feels he’s in a position to take New York Hip-Hop to a higher level.

“I don’t want to say let’s bring New York back, but let’s bring New York forward,” Maino explained to “And the only way to bring it forward is to breathe new life into it. That’s how you keep Hip-Hop alive; you give birth to the new. I want to be the one bringing that new life.”

The Unstoppable DVD will feature re-enactments of pivotal moments in Maino’s personal life and professional career.

Through these clips, he hopes to crystallize for viewers his perseverance against all odds, including wariness from industry professionals due to his legit criminal background.

"A lot of industry people didn't believe in me when I first started pounding the streets. Many said I wouldn't make it off of mixtapes, now album is dropping June 30th,” Maino stated to “Haters inspired me to write my last two hit records. Unstoppable is the story of my life and struggles to get to the position I'm in now. I had a rough life growing up and nothing ever happened the way it was supposed to happen to me, so I'm accustomed to being turned down. Thanks to all the DJs and radio stations that believed in me from the beginning and all those that are behind me now. This was God’s plan, now I'm just gonna keep rocking!”

Maino’s debut LP, If Tomorrow Comes, will feature guest spots from Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, and B.G.

Confirmed producers include J.R. Rotem, Just Blaze, Mista Raja, and Scott Storch.

Unstoppable is due in stores tomorrow (June 9th). 

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