Maino Set to Release "The Day After Tomorrow"; Exchanges Songs with Lil' Kim

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn, New York rapper Maino is returning with his sophomore release The Day After Tomorrow, which is set to hit iTunes and stores nationwide on February 28th.

The joint project between Atlantic Records and eOne Music is the follow up to Maino's debut If Tomorrow Comes, which featured the hit records "Hi Hater," "Million Bucks," and the certified RIAA Platinum single "All the Above" featuring T-Pain

Maino recently received some shine for the song "Million Bucks," which was featured in the Super Bowl ad for the NFL's fantasy league.

Maino is looking to follow up his success with his newest single "That Could Be Us," which has already recieved play on Centric, BET, MTV2, MTV3 Aand MTV Jams.

As a precursor to The Day After Tomorrow, Maino has also released, I Am Who I Am,a street mixtape hosted by Green Lantern and DJ Infamous.

In recent weeks, Maino has been splashed across the headlines for his relationship with Lil' Kim, as the two have been exchanging songs, supposedly written about each other.

In Maino's song "I Still Love You," he seemingly proclaims his love for Kim, but Lil' Kim doesn't necessarily accept the affection when she replied in song a song titled "If You Love Me."